Gratitude in Service

Over the past few weeks with some of the projects I’ve been working on, I’ve not felt completely happy with how things have been going, but have been unable to really put my finger on it. Things have been going well by most measurable standards, but I just didn’t feel entirely positive about everything.

Heard a talk yesterday given that really inspired me to take stock of all the great things in my professional life right now, and started reflecting on gratitude. I realized how incredibly lucky I was in so many ways. Interestingly, I started to feel more positive about the projects I’ve been working on, and realized that the negativity I had been feeling wasn’t due to things going wrong, but my failure to acknowledge that things were actually going right.

So, gratitude. My new habit.

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Bobby Caples graduated from USF, and eventually went on to expand the concept of community-based behavior support in other settings, include the organization he founded called YouthBASE (Greenville, SC). The concept of YouthBASE was much like the concept of his thesis, only on a larger scale: Take ideas and strategies that had found success in other fields beyond after-school programs, and import them.